Join Joey and Caitlin as we journey through the Lord of the Rings, horse by horse.

If you have questions about horses or anything LOTR-related, send them to us at!

This episode covers Return of the King (the film) from mm 42:00 to 01:10:33. Next episode will cover book chapters 8 through 10 of Book 4 (the last three chapters of The Two Towers).

Police brutality and broader issues of racism have not ended. Please find ways to participate/contribute to the abolition of policing and prisons as you are able. Also check out this document for a few resources on racism in fantasy:


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Cover art: Annie Johnston-Glick (@dancynrew)

Music: Horse by Horse, a medley of "Concerning Hobbits" and "The Ring Goes South" composed by Howard Shore, arranged by Caitlin Lukin and performed by Caitlin Lukin and Joey Rose Rysen.

Other sounds: 

"Horse Whinny, Close, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

"Hoofbeats, wood on cardboard" by Joey Rose Rysen

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